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Chinesepod should extend for no charge the subscriptions of all members until services are resumed


First let me say I love ChinesePod! As an elementary learner there is still plenty of content for me. But the value of ChinesePod is not just in the historical content but in feeling part of a community. I’m still missing Fiona, Constance and Gwillm. You can’t put a value on “knowing” the lesson presenters and being able to interact with them on the forum. I am desperate to “meet” the new presenters. Please let us know who they are as soon as possible and give us some new lessons. Than you ChinesePod. 谢谢


The business of learning Chinese online is very saturated now. Searching Google for situational Chinese lessons like Chinespod gives you so many different options.
Personally, I will have enough of material for the next 10 years perhaps. If someone is so advanced, they can watch Chinese TV or listen to radio in Chinese and learn new up to date vocabulary from there. But Chinesepod archives have enough to keep one busy. Just my 2 cents.


Hello again Sarah! I love your enthusiasm and we hope to be able to continue to feed all appetites of Chinese learning. We are excited to have you with us!


Ok, I am considering joining back up but frankly, a little skittish still. As a long time subscriber and as one of those that renewed by 3 month membership back in December I think CP should offer a 1 month free so we test the waters to see if this ‘new’ CP is what we want. I actually clicked upgrade me but then fearfully backed out.



I subscribed first time on Dec 15, 2017. All this time I thought I didn’t have the correct filters on the app because I couldn’t find new content. I am only interested in videos, not audio (I’m visual), and I am listening to newbie and elementary lessons. Suffice to say there was not much new stuff to view. I wish I had received a personal email to inform me of the changes, and I would have appreciated an extension to my subscription while the new team gets in place. Change happens, and I hope it will be for the better, but not communicating anything directly to your customers is not a very good way to start.


We do currently have a two week free premium membership running if that will be helpful at all for you to dip your toes back in.


I would be interested in the 2 week free membership but when I go to upgrade, I am not presented with that. The other day I had clicked on that only to get a message (something like) code no longer valid. I no longer see any banner/etc. to get that premium trial.


Hmm… let me see what we can do… have you emailed support yet?


Hi, Jinkeli,

Here is where you go to get the 2-week free trial:

Please let us know if you have any trouble.



Can you clarify for me on one point. When looking at the new lessons, they have the ‘Premium’ tag on them.

If I end up deciding on a Basic subscription, will I still get those lessons (only with fewer premium options) or are the really JUST for Premium level subscribers?

Frankly, what I want was satisfied by a basic subscription and I just cannot justify the more than double the cost of going to premium. Thanks for the link.


Hi jinkeli,

I can’t speak for ChinesePod, but my understanding (and previous experience) is that a Basic subscription gives you “Access to our complete lesson library,” just not all the features for each lesson. That’s listed here:

Grace: I just noticed on the “Subscription Options” page linked above that there’s no mention of the Exercises. Those Exercises are the only reason I maintain a Premium account. It’s also the main reason I recommend serious students to pay the extra for Premium.


Hello Ewilc773, the exercises are included with that trial. I am glad that you find those critical in your studies. Thank you for response!