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Does chinesepod have quizzes and games?


I was just looking at the video ChinesePod displays on the homescreen and during the video it says this: “And you can also play games”. I checked the second slide, and it says it includes quizzes too. I am not sure what this implies, does it mean the flashcard system they already have built in, or is it another feature i can’t find anywhere? It would be cool to have games, and exercises on the mobile version as well!

With the right account level, each lesson has a set of exercises in it. Listening, vocabulary, etc.


I used to use Chinesepod years ago (like 2011) and there was a memory game where we matched characters/pinyin/English. I signed up to do that again, but I can’t find it anywhere - where did it go, or why did it go?


Hi maikai,

You are perhaps talking about the Memory Isle game? Sadly, we had that game on an older version of the website. When we updated the website, the developers decided not to bring it over into the new framework.

Sorry we don’t have that anymore. However, if you want to play memory with the vocabulary lists from our lessons there is another option! It requires a bit of crafting though haha. If you click on “downloads” in the sidebar when you are watching a lesson, there is a “Lesson PDF” option. This will give you a printable document. If you scroll to the last page, you will see a Key Vocabulary section. You can print this out and then cut it up into little cards to use for memory games. This will take a bit more time, but the advantage is that you can take the little cards with you everywhere. Also, you will save your eyes some screen time.

Hope you found this suggestion useful,


Hi Aurelia,

For the new website, are you considering to bring back the games, or to make a new one?