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HSK Standard Course Workbook reference answers


I have recently bought the HSK2 and HSK3 Standard Course books and workbooks, and I have registered for the next HSK2 test (wish me luck!).

I was surprised that there are no reference answers for the workbooks but I found that you should be able to download them from the publisher’s website ( When I tried it told me I need to login in so I have created and account. Unfortunately it will no let me log in as it says the username and password are not correct. I have tried resetting the password but the result is still the same.

Can anyone help? Do you have a working account for this website? Does the website work? Do you have copies of these reference answers or know where I can find them?

西门 (Simon) (HSK3 textbook answers) (HSK3 workbook answers) (HSK4 textbook A answers) (HSK4 textbook B answers) (HSK4 workbook A answers) (HSK4 workbook B answers) (HSK5 textbook A answers) (HSK5 textbook B answers) (HSK5 workbook A answers) (HSK5 workbook B answers)

Here are all of the ones I have, another option to get them is from purpleculture.



I will have a look on purple culture for the HSK2 ones.

谢谢你们!Thanks so much for these links. I tried to get the HSK2 ones elsewhere, but no success, neither on purple culture so far… You can buy it here for $3.

I can confirm that you can get the HSK2 ones from Purple Culture, as Drenstro says. I have successfully purchased this myself in the past few days, after downloading the other ones from Drenstro’s links.

Thanks to you all! I meanwhile managed to buy the HSK2 answers via Denstro’s link. Simply not found the item before.

Thanks for the resources could you upload listening videos as well

If you are working with the HSK books, I can really recommend the Chinese Zero to Hero series, which I myself use in combination with C Pod. It is a very gentle companion to the rather dry topics in the books, at a very competitive price.

You should have a look in chapter 4 of hSK 3 woorkbook, in questions 6-10 you have almost all wrong :wink: first check before mess people

Here HSK3, woorkbook, chapter four, second part of audios, everything wrong moffice_eng moffice_eng

Am so glad it’s not just me who had problem with the answer key for the workbook. I went to mark my fourth test and couldn’t understand how I got everything wrong!

I see that HSK3 answers for the workbook does not contain reading and writing section. Would you have those available?

Thank you