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给 你 们 介 绍 一 下 - Jason from California

@Troy yes the experiment carries on. My daughter is 3 now and understands most of what my wife and I say to her in Chinese, though she prefers to respond in English unless I press her, and she is in a Spanish immersion school because that is what is available in our area.

I found it best to learn 注音 so I could read Taiwanese children’s books to her for bedtime. When I visited Fiona and Gwilym a couple years ago in Taipei they linked me to this website which has an impressive 3-4 day turnaround time to the West Coast (California):


  • Pleco = best friend.
  • ChinesePod everyday during commutes to work.
  • Netflix Chinese sitcoms (like Meteor Garden) for recreation.
  • when you have some time and patience.
  • FluentU for some supplemental material, but not as rich as CP.

You my friend are building an empire! Congratulations on your growing family and recent adoption. 順便說一句,聽說在中國大陸孩子們都學拼音(我以前沒想到)。所以我害怕注音快死了(?!):weary: 我下項目是學多檢體子。從未學玩,但每天更好一點。

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