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Lesson feed problems in macOS Catalina

I have recently upgraded my Mac’s system to Catalina. I have encountered the following problems and I am wondering if anyone has found solutions to these problems:

  1. My lesson feed is not updating when I bookmark a lesson. I have tried removing my feed from the Podcast app and re-loading it without success.
  2. The old iTunes has been replaced by new apps, Podcast and Music. I was able in the past to change my iTunes podcast episodes to music and save then in separate folders for each lesson. All this now seems to be not possible. has anyone found a way around it?

I was concerned about that when I heard earlier this year what Apple would be doing with iTunes. In my case, my computer is too old to run Catalina, so it’s not something I’ll need to deal with for a while.

Oops. That computer just died. Looks like I’ll be using Catalina after all.

So, here is my solution:

I am working on downgrading my computer to Mojave right now. iTunes is only one of the reasons.

I am sure you won’t make the mistake I did!

I mucked up the backward move and got stuck on a question mark screen. As a result I ended up taking my computer to the local Mac-fixer to make the move back to Catalina and re-install all my stuff from Time Machine. I should get the laptop back early next week. I’ll have to pay the fixer people for my mistakes.

Best wishes


I’m glad you had things backed up.

I had a close call myself - after creating a bootable USB and attempting to wipe the internal drive, the computer wouldn’t boot from the USB - it got stuck continually rebooting, and there was nothing I could do to get it to stop. I was concerned my brand-new computer might be dead. I re-set the SMC, which seemed to do the trick.

I used to do Mac support when I worked in a photography studio, so this should have been a piece of cake for me, but Apple has changed so much over the past 10 years that it was almost my undoing!

But I’m back on Mojave now, and things seem to be working fine.

$120 later, my computer is back in action at last!

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Even the same problem i am also facing not even able to change iTunes podcast episodes to music and saving in separate folder is also not possible. Any solution?

I don’t think changing iTunes podcasts to music is possible any more. That’s why I changed back to Mojave. The Mac tech people took more than a week to work out how to do it without leaving me to restore all y backed-up files individually. That’s why it cost so much money. I think Elijah managed on his own.

Dear all,

I personally never had a Mac so I wouldn’t be familiar with the issues you describe, so could anyone tell me if this is a ChinesePod problem we need to address for all Apple users, or are these isolated occurances?

Also, have you been suing the old or new ChinesePod version? You could try out on both separately by going to As you might know, we are transitioning to a new layout soon. Hope I was able to help there.


Thanks Susie.

The problem has nothing to do with the version of ChinesePod we are using. It is a problem for Apple users who have the recently released Catalina operating system on their Mac computer. In Catalina, Apple has separated its Podcast and Music apps. This means that the ChinesePod feed feeds into the Podcast app. Previously we could neatly change our feed ins from CP into music files and store them in separate folders for each lesson, complete with the lesson image from the CP lesson page. So convenient!

I doubt that ChinesePod can change anything that will improve this situation. Other ChinesePod users may know more about this than I do. I have reverted to the previous Mac operating system, Mojave. This solves the problem for now.

Hello dorothycowling,

Thank you for letting me know.

For us it can be difficult to understand the individual ways our students use the lessons and what they do with the media files. We will continue to improve our website to make learning and navigating online better, and hope that everyone can utilise our resources nicely to their own taste.

Again, thanks for explaining the problem, it’s much appreciated!