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Understanding Different Accents, especially Fujian!!


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Lesson Idea: Hi @Constance_Fang and Team,

I love the lessons you guys already have about trying to understand different Chinese accents, and I’d really love to see more of these!! I think it’s awesome that you put so much emphasis on learning how to speak standard Mandarin, because then it’s really easy for others to understand you–but when it comes to ‘real world settings,’ I often have a hard time understanding people with different accents, and so would really like to have more listening practice with ‘non standard Mandarin.’

I think it would be really helpful to have more lessons that help us get used to different accents, and maybe have some tricks and key words we can watch out for to identify someone’s accent.

In particular, I have an extremely hard time understanding my mother-in-law and uncles, who are from Fujian. It’s also quite difficult to find any resources online that help explain the Fujianese accent. So anything of this sort would be very helpful!!

Thanks so much!!
All best,


That’s a great suggestion for a lesson, though Fujian accent may be a rather narrow interest group. I don’t have enough experience with it, though I have been able to understand people from Fujian that I met reasonably well. With older Chinese people it may be the case that they just never studied that much Mandarin. Fujian dialect is in a fairly different language family from putonghua. If you will forgive me for horning in on your good suggestion, I would rather propose a lesson about Northeast versus Southeast, to include Fujian, Taiwan, and Jiangsu, etc. I think there are enough cases of generalizations that you can make to provide material for a useful lesson.


Good idea! Northeast vs Southeast is a good way to categorize it. Perhaps if we did make such a video we could also include the Northwest and Southwest as those accents can also be quite different.