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Weekly lesson announcement

Hi everyone, this is an update on our new lessons this week! Let us know in the comment section below if you have any topic suggestions or feedback on our lessons, we would love to hear from you!

5/25 Animal proverbs series: Birds


On Monday, for intermediate learners, we have the latest episode of the animal proverb series, and this lesson is all about bird! Joshua and Joy are talking about what this animal symbolizes in Chinese culture and they will show you three proverbs related to birds. And they are, 枪打出头鸟, shoot the bird that pokes its head out, 笨鸟先飞早入林, dumb birds can get to the forest first if they fly early, and 一鸟在手胜于百鸟在林, a bird in the hand is worth more than 100 birds in the bush. I know, they don’t make a lot of sense when you take them at face value, and that’s why you have to go watch the video to find out their real meanings!

5/27 网络授课

Coming up on Wednesday, we have a new media podcast for those of you who are remote-learning. This lesson is about how the pandemic is changing the face of education. Kevin and Lyn will talk about the pros and cons of distance learning and what the educators can do to improve the current education environment. If you happen to be stuck at home finishing the rest of your semester, don’t miss out on this lesson!

5/29 Michelle’s COVID-19 Journey with Vocabs

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Finally, newbie students, we have a really special podcast with Chi and Michelle on Friday. In the lesson, Michelle shares her experience of contracting COVID-19 and her recovery process. Along the way, you will learn some related vocabulary about coronavirus symptoms and preventative measures in Chinese. Check out the lesson and let’s wish Michelle a swift recovery!

The video lessons to date have been basic. You are neglecting upper intermediate and advanced learners. I want to let you know that there are a lot of competitors in the intro/newbit/intermediate space. Once at intermediate level, there are few resources to break the intermed plateau. Students at intermed level must try to find their own native Chinese media as few companies can cater to the spectrum of this level.
Please focus on intermed and up learners (or at least stop leaving us without any lessons).
This is your competitive advantage.

At this point…all new videos are BASIC. Can’t even call them lessons.


Hi there,

We have been uploading many lessons at intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced and even media lessons. Such as:

Intermediate: Coffee Break Series #3 - First Meeting

Upper-intermediate: 吃惊,惊讶,惊人,惊喜吃惊,惊讶,惊人,惊喜

Upper-intermediate: 宅经济的发展宅经济的发展

Advanced: 杯弓蛇影的故事杯弓蛇影的故事

Stay tuned for more.