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Why the latest iOS app is somewhat useless


I preface this with saying that i am a premium subscription holder and use the Android app. i am not experiencing the same issues since the android app works great buy wanted to share my thoughts as I work professionally in software support and client management.

Since the iOS app isn’t working as expected they shouldn’t even offer it as an option until it’s fixed. when ordering the premium subscription it should say android only. I understand that premium subscription offers other bonuses but it should be clarified that the app us android only. It’s causing so many problems to have iOS users try the app and pay more money for their subscription only to find that the app doesn’t work. It makes users feel cheated and really hurts the companies brand in my opinion. You hurt customers and it makes them possibly cancel heir subscription and possibly not come back because of the bad experience. It’s a simple fix and one that could save the companies reputation and save lots of time for the support staff who are probably dealing with calls about this constantly.


Here are two support articles that explain it better, but the course feed (playlists of curated lessons) and self-study are indeed different with separate RSS feeds.

Self-study is for any bookmarked or studied lessons as well as lessons that you have subscribed to. This means that if you are elementary, the Self-study feed will automatically add new lessons of that level as they come out. Change the settings here:

For the course feed, you can save a course from this page and click the star (, and grab the unique RSS feed for that course here:

Using the RSS feed for your self study feed and any course that you want to study is the best way to listen to ChinesePod on the go (using iOS).


I am a premium subscriber for last 3 years and also for me the new application is horrible and lacks of many functionalities I used before. If I don’t see improvements I will not renew my subscription


Chinese pod is still a great service, well worth the price of the subscription and there are currently work arounds available for the iOS users that @GwilymJames has already mentioned . If you don’t have access to the features from the premium subscription just downgrade to the regular subscription and use the apps mentions already mentioned. Until the ChinesePod iOS is fixed.

From the earlier posts it seems that ChinesePod is having trouble finding a quality iOS developer and from talking to some friends who are also developers I’m not surprised. My friends say that many companies are having the same problem. Many companies are having to insource their iOS development but it’s hard to find good applicants.


The point is why we are going backward instead of improving. I mean, the old application was much better than the new one


Most of the lessons subscribed/bookmarked don’t appear in the icatcher


Hi, I was precisely reflecting on the fact this morning that I don’t use the app -at all !!- bc so bad. Even from my iPad I would go through the regular site…
Please give us back the old version or do sth to fix the bugs ( it keeps shutting down randomly, many lessons don’t have any thorough recording…). Better would be to rework on a new version, sorry I know that you just released this version but how unfriendly and poor app