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1) Specific Translation Difficulties 2) Talking to little kids

Suggested Difficulty (Elementary etc): Upper Intermediate/Advanced____
Video or Audio: ____Either one is great!
Lesson Idea: Hi @Constance_Fang and Team,

  1. Some of the specific issues in translating from English to Chinese or vice versa. For instance maybe a lesson where an interpreter is at a meeting and trying to interpret a metaphor that the person is using, but it is difficult, or maybe a translation course’s video is being played by two study partners, one is Chinese and one is English. Or even just on the street, trying to figure out what a few different people are saying based on their very colloquial phrases, and how to translate it for a visiting tourist.

  2. Talking to kids. I would LOVE to hear a child’s voice in some of these lessons, only because sometimes the way the speak can sound so different, not to mention the interaction between adults and kids is very different. For instance, a visiting English teacher (who speaks Chinese fluently like I want to one day :wink: ) and one of his/her Chinese students, as young as you can find to record with you :D, and what their interaction would be like maybe if the student invited the teacher to his/her house for New Year’s with the family. That way we can have all sorts of people talking about something similar, but have all sorts of variations of speech.

You guys are awesome!! I signed up a year ago, and have learned countless things from you. I am self taught, and people say my accent sounds like it’s from Taiwan…thanks to you guys!! :stuck_out_tongue: