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2 Annoying bugs on Android App


my name is Nicolas and i’m a happy premium ChinesePod user.

ChinesePod is my main material for learning Chinese.

I exclusively use the Android App of ChinesePod and only offline.
Because my free time of learning Chinese is on my daily 3 hour of public underground transportation.

And i endure 2 recurring bugs.

i tried on 3 differents phones (Xiaomi remdi, huawei honor 5x and samsung galaxy note) and they all have the sames 2 bugs.

The first one is that the “slide-down expand” on the dialogues don’t expand totally and i can’t read the pinyin or the english translation.

That was annoying on elementary lesson but it’s a big problem on intermediate lesson where i can miss like 6 lines of dialogues due to that bug.

The other bug is that some lesson don’t want to be downloaded at all , for no reason.
It’s not a network or space issue of my phone.
Others lessons will download , some specifics lessons not.
That weird.

If you don’t understand my pitiful english i joined 2 screenshots to this message.

Thanks in advance for your Help



Hey Nicolas,

Thanks for the feedback!
I’ve had a few people tell me about the bug where the dialogue doesn’t expand fully, but your screenshots are really helpful in showing exactly what’s happing. I’ll have a look at this and try to see what’s going on.

As far as not being able to download certain lessons - If you swipe the ‘Failed to download’ notification away and then try to download the lesson again manually, what happens? Do you get the same message?

Again, thanks for the response,



Hello, thanks for your answer.
Yes when i try to download the lesson again clicking on the notification the download fail again.


Hi am also having trouble listening to lessons that have been downloaded. Only the audio file is affected but more often than not the downloaded audio files just will not play. An error message pops up but too quick to read properly. Purchased a new tablet (Huawei M3) running android 6 hoping this woukd fix it, but same as my phone. My previos HTC onem8 also had same problem… Very frustrating as I really want to use during flights…



Hey Nicolas,

We’ve just pushed an update out that’s aimed to fix the issues with expanding/contracting lesson items (vocab/dialogue/expansion/grammar). You should see an update available within 24 hours or so from the Play Store. Definitely let us know if this fixes your issue or not.

I’m still looking into what’s happening with downloaded audio not working and will hopefully have something for you soon.