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2 weeks of Chinese learning available, but not sure how to utilise my time


Ni hao

I have tried to listen to at least one Chinesepod a week due to being busy and not having much available time.

However, Spring Festival is coming and I get 2 weeks off work. This is my time to learn more Chinese.

How many Chinesepods do you think I could feasibly watch at Elementary level in 2 weeks which would enhance my learning quicker without forgetting the lessons? And are there any specific topics that would be best over a small cramming time?

I am lucky to be in a Chinese city where English speaking locals are few, yet my Chinese is not strong enough to engage in more than a question and answer format based on context communication.

Xie xie


I would maybe use this time to branch out. If you haven’t yet learned characters, start learning. If you know 300 or more characters, pick up some graded readers like Mandarin Companion or Chinese Breeze. Perhaps start a daily Glossika habit (a program I strongly recommend.) Start watching Mandarin version Peppa Pig.

Meanwhile, 1-2 CP episodes a day (plus reviewing on the second day) should be a comfortable pace without burning yourself out.