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A "backwards" request

My 3 year-old is always putting her shoes on backwards and turning things upside down and for the life of me I can’t remember how to describe such things. Part of the problem is every time I look it up I get double meanings and dozens of sentence examples which don’t match what I want to say and I come away with nothing after losing the teachable moment. So can I get a CP consensus statement on one or more of the following translations so I can commit them to memory?

  • “Your shoes are on backwards.”
  • “That’s upside down.”
  • “Turn it around.”
  • “Flip (or turn) it over.”
  • “That’s the wrong side.”
  • “Turn around. Don’t go down the slide backwards.”


Thanks much!



Hi Jason,

That’s a really good question! It’s really confusing sometimes.

“Your shoes are on backwards.”–你的鞋子穿反了nǐ de xié zi chuān fǎn le
“That’s upside down.”–上下反了shàng xià fǎn le
“Turn it around.”–把它转过来bǎ tā zhuǎn guò lái
“Flip (or turn) it over.”–把它翻过去bǎ tā fān guò qù
“That’s the wrong side.”–不是这面bù shì zhè miàn
“Turn around. Don’t go down the slide backwards.”–转过来,不要向后溜滑梯zhuǎn guò lái ,bù yào xiàng hòu liū huá tī

Hope this will help!


That is very helpful Rebecca 謝謝你的回復。Interesting there was no use of ‘倒’ which the translation apps were suggesting, but that’s why I asked because I figured I wasn’t getting the 口語 version.

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