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A lesson on e vs. i would be nice

I just finished the e & er lesson, and was wishing the course had one more lesson on distinguishing vowels, specifically on e and i in words like 车 and 吃。I have a lot more trouble with those than I do with e & er, and tend to pronounce them the same.


I second this. Although I have my own theory, it will be nice to have it confirmed.
In fact, when I perused the Say It Right series I was looking specifically for this topic, but surprisingly did not find it.
I would think this is one of the harder aspect of pronounciation:

日 from 热
责 from 子
这 from 至
吃 from 车
时 from 蛇


I was also a bit surprised that this wasn’t covered. Near the end it seemed like teacher Xu disappeared, and they rushed through a couple topics (the videos are much shorter). They didn’t really do much that dealt with the r in chinese which is a shame, since r’s are hard @_@

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Hi there guys. I thought these videos might help your questions. They were part of an experimental pinyin browser tool, which I will see if we can get made. In the meantime, I will see what I can do from my end to allow you to see all the noised spoken by @daxulaoshi.

@thejco, We only had the pleasure of filming with Professor Xu for two days before he had to go abroad. The Say It Right series is not intended to be a complete solution to all of Mandarin sounds, but a great starting-off point for all beginner and intermediate students to correct any bad habits :slight_smile:

Maybe you’ll find this helpful:







Thank you for the videos. They are very helpful.