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A small suggestion regarding measure words

Hey, I realized that if you hover over a measure word in the dialogue, it is always translated as “measure word”. I would suggest that instead of only saying “measure word” you could add a little detail about why this measure word is used in this context. For example, 套 was used as a measure word for a flat with two bedrooms and a kitchen. But it is not the case, that 套 is the measure word for rooms or flats in general (is it?), rather than for things that form a set.

Also, if there are several measure words in the same lesson and you should match them in the translation exercise, good luck. :wink:

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I’d personally recommend using the browser plug-in Zhongwen (or alternatives) if you’re using the website. It offers the best way to break down characters, and see multiple definitions that are not possible with our current system.


Are there any rules to follow regarding the measure words? Bit confusing.

Hello! Welcome to the forum, and you have nailed a big fat difficult question!

While I don’t want to make it sound hopeless, I have to say that it will get easier and easier once you start to use them. There are no rules to go by, and like learning gender articles in German, it’s good to learn the measure word with the accompanying noun. After a while, you will naturally ask, “What’s the measure word for…?” Do you have some words (nouns) in mind?