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Ability to save sentences?


I love using ChinesePod to study—the lessons cover a wide range of topics and the language is very natural.

To continue reviewing new material (from ChinesePod lessons and other sources like textbooks) I, like many people use Anki. The ability to add words to a list in ChinesePod with a single click, then export the list for use in Anki later is amazing. I was wondering if somehow this feature could be extended to include multiple character selection or whole sentences.

In the latter use case, I would be looking at a sentence in the lesson dialog and (perhaps near the existing download button) be able to click a “plus” icon and add that sentence to my vocab list.

Is there any way this feature could be added? It would save me (and I imagine others) a lot of time manually creating sentence cards for review.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • David


This is a good idea and something we have had on our want list for a while. I’ll see if we can do something like this.


Awesome! I’ll look forward to it.

Keep up the great work!


I agree. The ability to save sentences or groups of words would be most convenient.

I use Pleco myself, and when I need to save a sentence, I create my own card within Pleco. It’s not the most convenient way, but it works ok.

Shorter phrases such as ‘身心疲劳,’ are fairly easy and only take 5 minutes. Still.,


Hello Chinesepod,
I agree this would be an awesome feature. Do you know if this is possible yet?


We are in the process of a site re-design, and this would be a feature on our wish list. In the meantime, a simple copy and paste job will have to suffice. I personally use Evernote web clipper and highlight sentences. I can then search for Chinese characters in Evernote.


Sounds interesting. I use Evernote mostly for clipping news. Would you mind walking through how you use it as a study tool? I’m not quite clear on what process you are describing by " I personally use Evernote web clipper and highlight sentences. I can then search for Chinese characters in Evernote." Are you saying you can highlight text and then save it into, say, a Chinese sentences folder you created in Evernote, and then go back to try to find a specific sentence in Evernote by searching for one of the characters that you remember is in the sentence? Sounds like you are just keeping a virtual notebook with a growing list of sentences. Am I missing anything?