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About the Introduce Yourself 自我介绍 category

Come say Hi! and introduce yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just signed up for a free account, or you’ve been a member since 2005; we’d love to hear your self-introduction.

Some things you can talk about:

  • Who are you and where are you from?
  • Why did you decide to learn Mandarin Chinese?
  • How long have you been learning Chinese?
  • Do you have and language goals?
  • How you use ChinesePod in your daily life?

Feel free to write in English or Chinese. If you write in Chinese, perhaps include some pinyin for the other learners, or include translations for the harder words.

We look forward to hearing from you. Just create a New Topic and say hello.

hello my name ibtihaj ali

大家好!我姓林 双木林,叫海霞,山海的海,霞光的霞。请大家多多指教,谢谢。

Hello, my name is James Sharp. I have been using ChinesePod for a few months now. I just saw today the video inviting us to make an introduction on the forums; so this is my attempt:
I am from Louisiana and would love to become fluent in Mandarin as I visit friends and see the country. I was pretty excited when I got a notebook to practice characters in as well a bottle opener and soem other goodies from ChinePod. The swag is awesome and so is the content. Thanks!

I am supplementing some textbook learning and private tutors with resources like ChinesePod, Sinosplice/AllSet Learning, Anki, ArchChinese, Yabla, Yellow Bridge, DuoLingo, etc.

I started with the Say It Right Series and the Pinyin Program, memorizing the chart. I have since been using other tools to try to go ahead and memorize the 214 radicals. Of course, along the way I am picking up characters and phrases, at least at the basic survival level. I know it will be a long road to fluency but I want to do it!

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I was in china in 1966. It was a good experience for a child like me. I never forget. I was fluent in mandarin at that time. Mandarin is almost my first language. But I had to forget everything. It’s a long story. I am just happy to be here. Thanks ChinesePod.

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I am actually born in China but was raised in Europe, so I only got to speak Chinese with my mom. I never got any formal lessons since we were in a little village in the middle of nowhere, so my Chinese comes thoroughly from my mom.

I got to know ChinesePod beginning of the year and have enjoyed learning here immensely. What I love about ChinesePod the most is that most of the time, it doesn’t fell too much like learning. I can decide to watch something mundane where I won’t learn anything, or I can watch something cool and interesting on here and learn something along the way. I also like to listen to Podcasts a lot.

I feel like my Chinese has improved a lot since I am here, mainly I have learned more expressions and vocabulary that is not related to daily life with my mom back then.

Thanks ChinesePod fot creating cool things that keep me here, looking forward to the next year!

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Hello everyone, I’m Linh. I’m from Vietnam and I just started to learn Chinese a few days ago. If someone just started learning like me, I would be welcome you to study with me.