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I got my invite to test the ChinesePod app from apple, but when I clicked on the link (after installing test flight) I got the following pop up:
“The App couldn’t be installed because the developers certificate is no longer valid. To resolve, contact the developer.”

Can you help?


I have since been ‘re-invited’ and this time I was allowed to download the app.

A couple of early thoughts regarding it:

The worst thing so far is that when I was offline I couldn’t see my downloaded lessons - whatever I tried it said I needed an internet connection so I wasn’t able to use it for my daily commute. If when I have an internet connection I set the switch to show downloaded lessons only then I am OK when I am away from the Internet, but if I forget to do this before I go out the app becomes useless.

when I am in a lesson I find the ‘eye’ icon a bit hit and miss - it sometimes shows the translations, it sometimes doesn’t (the same thing happens in the Android app. but I had thought that was a problem with my phone - now I think it is the app as the same thing happens with my ipod touch).

As far as the translations are concerned, I preferred the older apps which allowed you to translate on a line by line basis (reducing the temptation to cheat!), I also liked the glossary within the translations which I sometimes find necessary when there are a few new characters that I don’t know.

It also seems that you can only play the individual sentences if you are online - another bad point when you’re trying to use it commuting.