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In the elementary lesson ‘We won’t make it on time’ can you explain the grammar point of 得 in the sentence 怎么堵得这么厉害?

Hi Gwilym. (Not sure if ‘Replying’ to you is the right way to suggest a lesson.) Anyway, I noticed that 早晚 has a number of meanings. I learnt it as ‘sooner or later’, but in ‘Dads got a cold’ it means ‘from morning to evening’, but looking it up I see that it can also mean ‘all the time’, ‘some time’, ‘both mornings and evenings’, and ‘in time’!!! A Qing Wen lesson with example usages of these different senses would be really helpful! Thanks!

Two lesson ideas: (1) what to say to pick up a pre-paid train ticket from the train station on the day of your train ride; (2) calling up a hotel to arrange a shuttle bus to pick you up from the airport and take you to the airport.

Idea: Traffic in Shanghai is crazy, even more for a laowai riding bike… How do I say “be careful” when a bike or scooter come across? 小心吗?I don’t really have the reaction that I’m expecting when I said that LOL… :slight_smile: A dialogue about someone riding along street would be fantastic, using expressions like: Please be careful, hey! Can u please ride slowly, hey be aware of traffic! Thanks so much

Hi guys. How about a lesson on txt speech in Chinese. I don’t know much but recently a friend used 木 instead of 没 and it caused a lot of confusion! I’ve also come across pia pia instead of 怕怕. It really could be aimed at any level but if you want a recommendation I’d suggest intermediate or elementary as it could be harder for listeners at this level to clear up the confusion created (speaking from personal experience!)

I have another very unrelated suggestion. How about a lesson on the typical language parents use to very young children. My daughter is about 17 months old but I’m trying to expose her to Mandarin from a very early age and something like this would really help. I appreciate it might not be easy to fit into a lesson format, but it would help expose learners to an environment they don’t normally see unless they have Chinese friends with kids nearby. If it helps I could give some of the phrases my wife and I end up using to our daughter?..

How about an intermediate level lesson on Cape Town ?
In the past you have done a number of interesting lessons on famous cities which I have enjoyed. It gives the opportunity to learn the Chinese word for famous landmarks.
I recently has a great holiday there, climbing Table Mountain to the top and meeting a party of Chinese people on the way up. The food is excellent and very good value too. If you do decide to go for this I could suggest some ideas for the text.

How about useful phrases when assisting chinese customers in a retail shop?eg. Perfumes, cosmetics, skincare, watches, how to say "how would you like to pay or "here’s your change":blush:

I would like to see more Upper-Intermediate Qing Wen lessons, especially on advanced uses of single-character grammar words that are difficult to look up. For example, I think there is an “以……的” pattern that could use a Qing Wen lesson. Also a lesson on the many uses of 便. Forgive me if these lessons already exist; I was unable to find them. Thank you.