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Ask in the comments below any question you have always wanted to ask Fiona, Constance, and Gwilym,

We are celebrating ChinesePod users, the brand and our content in a unique and fun way. Join the ChinesePod team between October 2nd, 2017 ~ October 15th, 2017, for the #NotPodAsUsual campaign.

To strengthen our relationship with our community and to better engage with you, our loyal fans, we have created two weeks of unusual lessons and activities. We will still teach Mandarin, but #NotPodAsUsual .

Submit your questions before Friday, September 29th.

Don’t miss your chance to win #NotTheUsual prizes or discounts on subscriptions. Participate and share your ideas, as we release the content we have prepared specially for you!

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Fiona, Gwilym and Constance what’s your favorite food?

I dare you to act out a famous scene from GOT in mandarin :joy::joy::joy:

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What do you like the most about living in Taiwan? And what do you like the least?
Can you give us suggestions of books to read in Chinese for intermediate learners?(simplified characters)


What is the most embarrassing mistake you’ve ever made in Chinese?

Which is your favorite place in Taiwan?

I speak spanish, Chinese can be quite dificult, where would you recommend to start studying chinese?

Hi guys.

What’s the difference between 皮包 and 包皮?
The characters seem to be the same.

As I was a big fan of the Lily love story some years ago :heart_eyes: My question will be, how did Fiona and Gwylim come together? I want a new 爱情的故事 please :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What is the best and the worse experience you had had learning or communicating in other language?

Fiona, Constance, Gwilym! I have become so addicted to see you guys and learn Chinese everyday! I would like to give this question to you all : 如果你重新投胎,你想當誰?:ok_hand:t2:

How effective is the HSK exam at testing your Chinese abilities? And what level is a good level to show your a basic Chinese speaker?


I’m more interested in the structure of Chinesepod as a business… Did Fiona and Gwylim buy it from John and Jenny? Or is the ownership separate from the hosts? What are John and Jenny up to these days? These questions may have been answered when the transition happened, but i wasn’t around at that time.

Also, who writes the lesson dialogue, expansion and grammar sentences? I know it’s irrelevant, i guess I’m interested in irrelevant details :slight_smile:


Also, Fiona’s chinese name (Tián Xīn I think) sounds like ‘sweet heart’, but I think I saw different characters somewhere. Did your parents intend ‘sweet heart’ to be a kind of double meaning when naming you? thanks!


What do you think about when you’re alone in your car?

You’ve been given an elephant. You can’t give it away or sell it. What would you do with the elephant?

A penguin walks through the ChinesePod’s office door wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he there?

Bonk/Marry/Kill? Jon Snow. Jaime Lannister. Tyrion Lannister.

Would you rather fight 100 chicken sized horses or a horse sized chicken?

If you could spend a dinner with a famous person, who would it be?

I dare you to do a hand stand or a split.


PS: 如果我搞错了的话,真的抱歉,我只是一般的法国人,哈哈。:sweat_smile:

Seeing that you guys live in Taiwan – What are some of the biggest linguistic differences you have noticed between Taiwan and Mainland China?

More questions::

Are there any movies or TV shows we can watch that will help us in learning Mandarin?? I’m thinking children’s shows might be best for intermediate learners like myself.

I know you guys like GOT (so do I!), but maybe while we wait forever for the new season to be produced, do you think you can do an episode on the Walking Dead?!

Which ones are your favorite 小吃?