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Hello ChinesePod Team,

Just allow me a little off-topic because I love you guys :wink:
I arrived here through a Facebook Ads Link. In which you state the source as "MailChimp"in your UTM parameters, which I guess you are using for your email marketing. So your stats might be off on that particular campaign.

End of the off-topic, Keep up the good work!



What kind of music could I listen to that would improve my language learning? Do you know any songs that might help with learning basic things (from pop music to nursery rhymes, anything that could help me as an intermediate student)?


Challenge to Gwilym: Introduce yourself in Chinese for one minute (no english), speak Chinese as much as you can, how old are you, where do you live, what are your hobbies, what can you say about Fiona and Constance, ChinesePod and Taiwan.
Challenge to Fiona: Recite the “Lion-Eating Poet in Stone Den” 施氏食狮史, It is a famous poem that become viral on Facebook
Challenge to Constance: Sing your favorite English song.

Suggestion: If they can do some viral online challenges such as Spicy Noodle Challenge (not necessarily the korean brand, the chinese brand can do)


Question to them:
Can you recommend popular Chinese songs? What songs do you have on your playlist?


Gwilym, Fiona, Constance,如果你可以跟一个中国的或者台湾的明星成为好朋友的话,你会选谁呢? 为啥呢?


Fiona, did your approach to teaching Chinese change after coming from youtube to ChinesePod? Did it get easier here or do you miss something about your time creating content only for youtube?

Gwilym, how does it feel as a learner to be so close to so many Chinese teachers all the time? Would you consider it an advantage or can it be difficult too, sometimes? :wink:

Constance, I’m not sure, but I got the impression that you used to (or still do) teach Chinese in person / in a class room too. If so, how does teaching it on a website compare to teaching in person? Is it more difficult because you don’t have the immediate feedback? Or are there advantages to teaching online too?

Thanks to you all :slight_smile:


You guys gave me the confidence to keep learning Mandarin so I moved to Taipei this summer for work and to learn Mandarin! I would like to know, on a scale of 1-10, how receptive would you be to a total, star-struck, geek-out if I see one of you on the street? Just asking for a friend… :stuck_out_tongue: #have-a-question:NotPodAsUsual


Today I had a discussion with my Chinese female flat mate about the recent protest at the national taiwan university. I would like to know how you perceive the current situation and what your oppinions on the independence movement are.

I also dare you three to take a picture with this facial expression:


A harry potter scene ?


Kiss confusion: I remember when shortly upon arriving in China I told a Chinese teacher colleague “kiss” instead of “excuse me”, or even worse when I in France wanted to inquire whether to “kiss on the cheek” but instead made a VERY direct and rude request that doesn’t lend itself to translation here :sweat_smile:

Gwilym, Constance and Fiona what are your most embarrassing language mistakes in Mandarin or other?


Thank you for all the questions: Here is a link to the video we made answering some of the more personal or silly ones:

In today’s lesson, we will answer the language ones as well as “life in Taiwan”.

We tried to answer most questions but had to cut some in order to keep it shorter or more focused.


To any of you: How is internet censorship in mainland China affecting your work? And do you work with companies like Alibaba?

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