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Access problems in mainland china

Hello. Struggled to access the main website for the past two days, both with and without a vpn, on wifi and using 4g data. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this? Or perhaps if there is some website maintenance going on at the moment?

Have also found skritter cannot load chinesepod lists at the moment, for anyone using skritter lists.


Thank you for reporting the problem. We have forwarded your concern to our technical team for checking. If problem still persists within the next few days, kindly contact Thank you for choosing ChinesePod!


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Yesterday ChinesePod was hit with a Denial of Service (DDOS) attack from China.
This means that the website gets bombarded with requests until the server grinds to a halt. That is why Mainland China experienced a problem getting to the website at all, and other areas may have experienced a slow response time.

It is all resolved now and you should have your normal throughput.