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Add Entire Category to RSS Feed


Hi there!

I’m fairly new, and trying to get things setup on all my devices for mobile listening. Is there any way to add an entire category, for instance all the newbie lessons into my feed instead of just having new lessons populate it.



+1 on this. ChinesePod seems to have great content, but I’m having such a hard time studying on the go. I simply want to be able to do this:

  • Browse site on desktop
  • Bookmark various lessons
  • Have the audio files for the bookmarked lessons appear in the RSS feed which I’ve already installed in my podcast player
  • When I remove the bookmark for a lesson (or perhaps mark it studied) it disappears from the feed

My schedule doesn’t allow me to sit down in front of the PC very often. My ideal study mode is purely with podcasted audio files and then read along with PDFs (which I already put in my Dropbox and sync to my phone)

Anyone having luck setting up something similar?