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Adding sentences/phrases onto Pleco/Anki flashcards

Can someone please tell me if it’s possible to automatically create flashcards from phrases and sentences in ChinesePod dialogue and get it on Pleco or Anki flashcards? That way I can have audio.

If possible, do you mind sharing how to go about doing that?

Thank you!

Hi jordansamuels!

The quick answer is that there is a page that discusses Pleco use:

The longer answer is that there are a couple of ways to get dialogue text into Pleco. We’ll add a video on that here on this page later today.

Just watched the description from Gwylim and must say I do import my examples into Anki the manual way and it doesn’t really seem much more compliated to me.

I use the method Gabriel Wyner promotes on his Fluent Forever site which got me to try it out and learn Chinese in the first place.

It creates multiple cards from one note to train pronunciation, recgnition, production, spelling. Lots of repetition that is really essential.

Just look for Anki / Fluent Forever videos on youtube.
The idea behind it really works. At least for me.
I think he developed his idea further since last I looked but haven’t payed much attention to the development for quite some time.

Here is a user-made video on how he uses ChinesePod dialogues inside of Pleco.