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All About Love: a Valentine’s Early Bird Special Live Stream for Newbies

Dear ChinesePod community,

We’re thrilled to announce the first ChinesePod Live Stream of 2020!

Our podcast master Chi and newbie favorite Michelle will surely make you fall in love this Thursday.

See you on February 13, 2020

Eastern Standard Time 12pm-1pm
Greenwich Mean Time 5pm-6pm

Newbie learners, we would love to hear all the questions that you have about your Chinese studies! If you have any lesson suggestions, feedback or study advice, please leave them down below and we’ll answer all your questions live!

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Hi Susie,

may i ask if there is any fixed schedule for future live streams?


Hello Gerhard,

Thank you for your interest. As of now, we don’t have a fixed schedule for live streams, but rest assured that we are planning more for the future.

We’ll announce them on the forum and social media when it’s time, so stay tuned!


Even though I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day and I’m not looking for a date, I really enjoyed the live stream! I hope to see more in the future!
The handwriting was a bit hard to follow. Please remember that Newbies especially have a hard time reading real handwriting vs. typed characters.

Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback. You’re absolutely right! Handwriting is really difficult for newbies. We will optimize the quality of our live stream in the future!