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怀疑 and its uses/meanings

Hi @YuQinCai, @Constance_Fang, @Fiona and the ChinesePod team, my question is this:

我以前以为 ‘怀疑’ 的英文就是 ‘to doubt’, 可是我最近发现也可以翻译成 ‘to suspect’.

现在,我遇到 ‘怀疑’ 的时候,不太清楚什么意思。拿这个句子当例子: “我怀疑他的真名是小明”。
这是说 ‘I doubt that Xiao Ming is his real name’, 或者 ‘I suspect that his real name is Xiao Ming’ 呢?



Interesting question!
(I’m not sure but it’s likely his real name is Xiaoming)

If you mean to say ”doubt“,we would say the following.

But good question. I’ve also informed Constance and Fiona. They’ll make a QingWen about this soon.

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‘suspect’ means you suspect some bad or illegal activity e.g. 我怀疑他拿了我的书
‘doubt’ means you are having an opposite opinion against something e.g. 他说如今喜欢看书的人不多了 对此我表示怀疑