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Android Bug: Playback stutters after pressing pause button on headphones

I’ve observed this with a Google Pixel and Apple Headphones and ChinesePod version 2.0.7. Not sure if it happens with other hardware/software combinations.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Plug in Apple headphones with inline remote (e.g. the headphones that come with an iPhone 6) to a Google Pixel
  2. Start a chinesepod lesson
  3. Lock the screen
  4. Press pause on the headphones’ remote

Expected behavior:
Lesson should pause

Observed behavior:
Lesson goes into a pause/resume loop, pausing and resuming every second or so. The only way to get out of it is to kill the app.

Hey @stromme,

That’s definitely odd. I should be able to get a hold of some Apple EarPods and check this out. I’ll try and keep you update.

Thanks for the feedback,

Android Developer

Thanks for taking a look! It looks like this problem is similar: