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App should be available for Basic Users

I don’t think anyone would disagree when I say that ChinesePod is one of most expensive services in the market. I think that the app should be available to basic users and not just premium. There are a lot of features of the premium that I won’t use but would use the app. I think that in order to motivate more people to actually want to subscribe then let them enjoy the access of having the app as a basic user and when they feel like they can contribute the extra money to go premium. It’s kind of a unfair push to have to have people pay more for the convenience of an app when they might not be able to afford rd it with other expenses in their lives. Many people are taking Chinese language lessons outside of this app which can easily cost $100+ a month and as a working adult bills come first in life. I’m just saying, it would be doing a lot of people a huge favor the apps was also available to basic users who can also experience listening on the go and not only having to go to a computer to listen to lessons. Just basic common courtesy.

Have you tried using a web browser instead of the app? I access ChinesePod on my iPhone with both the app and Safari, and I actually prefer Safari. The app has some limitations that the website doesn’t, plus I’ve heard of a lot of people having stability problems with the app (though I think that’s mostly the Android app, which I’ve never tried).

The only thing I’ve found that the app can do that the website can’t is put an individual Expansion Sentence on repeat. On the website, you have to push the button each time you want it to play. Other than that, the website has fuller features.

I feel like an idiot. I’ve never done the website on my phone. I’ll give that a try instead. Thanks.

I’ve actually had this exact same conversation a number of times. :grin: