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Are Chinese Pod's flashcards using spaced repetition?

When I use the flashcards in Chinese Pod and hit “easy” does it space out those flashcards longer than if I hit “hard”? Also will the flashcard system cycle in new cards automatically? For example, if I have it set to only review 20 cards a day and I have 50 flashcards in the deck will I never see the other 30 cards? or will the other cards be slowly introduced overtime after I have successfully hit easy enough times on older cards for new cards to come into play?


Hello Kyle,

Good questions! Yes, our flashcard feature adopts a spaced repetition approach. Please refer to the following illustrations as they visualize the function in a clear way. First one shows how “forgot”, “hard”, and “easy” correspond to the difficulty level to recall the phrase.

Depending on where the phrase stands in your reviewing cycle (new phrase, recent phrase, well-known phrase), the behavior of the system changes in terms of the frequency and schedule of the cards, as seen in the following illustrations. Please note that the times are only for your reference and they are not exact.

You can review multiple batches a day and the amount of phrases in a batch only affects the length of the session. The more phrases in a batch, the more it is shuffled with the different combinations we use, see the illustration below:

We will give a more in-depth introduction of the flashcard feature once we finish collecting the most common questions. I hope this is helpful for you and let me know if you have any further questions. Happy learning!


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