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Arrows Pointed In Wrong Direction?

Listening to “Dinner With A Friend” on the beta site I see little arrows on either side of the circular shape in the middle of the graphic. I expect the one on the right to move me forward in the text, the one on the left backwards.
It does the opposite.
And incidentally, there’s an awful lot of English chatter there and ver-ree little Chinese…

Hi David,

The right arrow moves you forward in the text and the left one moves you backwards. The time on the right corner is there to tell the remaining minutes of the video. Perhaps that’s what caused the confusion.

And as for the content, this is an elementary lesson, so the English speaking percentage is quite high, but you can always move up a level to find content with a higher Chinese ratio.

Thank you for your feedback. With this in mind, we’ll make better lessons in the future.

No, Betty, that’s exactly what doesn’t happen. That’s why I wrote to you. That’s what’s normal, and it’s the opposite of what’s happening here.

Hi David,

I have tried a couple of times on different laptops (mac and windows) and phones (ios and android), but everything works like what I have mentioned. To make sure where the problem is, I was wondering which version of the website are you using now. Is the website you are using the same as the following picture?