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Audio not working when using flashcards

Whenever I use the flashcards the audio stops working after 10 cards. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I’m afraid the flashcard system is quite buggy on the website. We are currently working on adding improved functionality for the iOS app. In the meantime, we recommend you export your word lists to something like Pleco or Anki. Apologies.

Alright, well I’ve exported my vocabulary to Anki but there’s still no audio, seems it only exported the actual text on the flashcards. Any idea why that is?

Sorry. I don’t think we officially support Anki mp3 imports. The best thing to do is either;

A) Use Pinyin toolkit add-on, add an audio filed to your cards, and download TTS for each card “Fill in missing card info” (this will be automatic).

B) Use Pleco, which has built-in definitions, dictionary and audio.