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Balancing Traditional Chinese Culture with Communism?


Listening to the lesson on Dowries, another crappy old custom from an old world, wondering how you think most Chinese balance old traditions with the Communism.

Was that part of the Cultural Revolution? -Not just to get the middle and ‘upper’ classes into the fields, but to … revolutionize old world culture in general…?

Is it common for people to dismiss old world culture for modern communist values? i.e., for example, 重男轻女, should really be chastised? But, really, shouldn’t all examples of old world culture be put to the curb…? What do you guys think about this, how many Chinese feel about that?

And you know besides that, what proportion of Chinese do you think are really happy with the CCP? -Probably especially happy with Xi Jin Ping?

Contrary to the impression given in western media, I think Xi Jin Ping is awesome.

…And then you can also touch on how so many of the middle class young people are starting to idealize American consumerism. Those kids are so ignorant. How is that shit tolerated by the rest of Chinese? Drives me nuts to see or hear kids mimicking faucets of American culture, don’t totally realize it makes them trash.

I mean, don’t you guys grow up being taught philosophy in the schools? Taught Marxism? -Even Hegel? I am pleasantly surprised by how many people (at least seem to give the impression,) that they understand when I suggest I am much more influenced by Hegel than Marx. -You know how many people in the US are familiar with this tradition of philosophy? .01%. Even in the Philosophy departments it is not common understanding.


oh! -is part of the emulation of the west the fact that all they ‘see’ are American movies, TV? -They are under the impression that the US is largely how it is depicted as it is on screen?