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Beauty Pageant Episodes Missing?

I’m in the middle of the beauty pageant storyline. The lessons are not appearing on the website anymore and I’ve tried every which way to find them. It looks like only the last four episodes are available. I’ve used the search feature for “beauty” and “beauty pageant” and “pageant” and only a few episodes show up. I even went into the intermediate lessons, and looked through all the 2008 intermediate lessons and couldn’t find them. They are still downloaded on my phone, but I want to be able to use the website. Are other lessons also missing from the website?

Hello Bella,

The following is the complete list of episodes of the Beauty Pageant series with lesson IDs. I couldn’t find all the lessons on the new dashboard either, but they are all available on the old dashboard. I’ll look into this, thank you for letting me know.

|0628|Beauty Pageant for Bloggers|
|0641|Beauty Pageant Registration|
|0656|Of Beauty Pageants and Plastic Surgery|
|0677|Getting to Know the Beauty Pageant Judges|
|0697|Romance in the Beauty Pageant|
|0797|Behind the Scenes at the Beauty Pageant|
|0837|Scandal in the Pageant|
|0881|Beauty Pageant: It’s a Mess|
|0901|Pageant Final Episode|