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beginner Daily Life 1

Hi ChinesePod team, my question is this: I’d like to know in the course Daily Life 1 for beginners, there are just audio lessons, right? or it’s just because i haven’t upgraded yet? and in another courses for beginners there are also just audio lessons, is it supposed to be like this, or it’s just because of my free account? thanks.

Hi there,

You are correct, there are mostly only audio lessons for this course. In early period in ChinesePod, we only have audio lessons. In recent years, we started to make video lessons. But because the most useful phrases and sentences have been taught in those audio lessons, we didn’t make the similar video lessons. That’s why in Daily Life Course, there’re only audio lessons. But I think it’s quite a good way to learn Chinese for beginner. Because, through podcasts, you can focus on listening and speaking comprehension only. And these are the abilities that a language learner is eager to acquire. We highly recommend this course for Newbies to master to make friends and go about daily life! But of course there’re still many video lessons for newbie. Although they are not in the course, they are still very useful. Check them out when you finish Daily Life 1 :slight_smile:

Good luck!