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Best place to learn Mandarin in Taipei?

Hello ChinesePod community.

I might be moving with my family to Taipei in the next year or two.

Does anyone have recommendations or experience with attending Mandarin courses in Taipei? The two major schools that I’ve found are National Taiwan University (TaiDa) and National Taiwan Normal University (ShiDa).

ShiDa has classes from 10-15 hours per week through the Mandarin Learning Center and TaiDa has 15 hours per week through the Chinese Language Center. TaiDa also has an intensive program through the International Chinese Language Program (ICLP) which is 20 hours per week.

I’m leaning towards the intensive ICLP since if I’m moving to Taiwan to learn Mandarin I’d really like maximize my efficiency and get the most bang for my buck. Has any tried the above programs or any other programs in Taipei?

Thanks much,


I went to ShiDa and did the intensive course (3h/day) and found it very good. ICLP is the gold standard for intensive training, and will get you to proficiency faster, but it comes at a cost. Our very own @Constance_Fang was actually faculty there.