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Best Skritter Decks?

Hi all,

I’m just getting back into using Skritter to try and improve my writing/reading and I wanted to ask the fellow Skritter users here on the CPod forums what their recommendations for the best or most useful Skritter deck is.

I recently read this post from John Pasden about how you should make your own flashcards

Though I will make my own lists it would be nice to find some other pre-made decks out there that people found useful.


If one is brand new to Skritter (it’s how I do 90% of my character writing reviews) I always recommend their suggested Chinese 101 list since it introduced you to simple characters and radicals, and uses those radicals to make new characters.

From there I personally started using the list of the textbook that I was using in class, and study chapter by chapter.

Alternatively, you could try the various HSK lists they have if you’re not using a textbook.

Another option is to study ChinesePod vocab on Skritter. Each lesson we make gets added to their list. For more info on linking the two accounts check out my support article here.

Like you say, I’m a big fan of actually making the list myself because in the process of making it, you are already previewing the material, so when you come to reviewing it, it’s much easier. My current textbook doesn’t have a list on Skritter so i’m in the process of adding each vocab chapter by chapter. When i’m done i’ll publish it to the community :slight_smile:

预习 | 預習 | yu4 xi2 | to pre-revise a lesson

@GwilymJames thanks for the info, I will start off with the Chinese list 101 and then add character from CPod lessons. I remember seeing you post about skritter integration but didnt really use Skritter at that time so i totally forgot that the CPod lessons were listed in skritter until you mentioned it.