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Best Sources for (Video) Content outside Chinesepod

I am a passive not active learner - and I cannot be bothered to sit down and learn actively. I can only consume Chinese - else it’s getting boring for me.
So by now I listened to more or less all HSK3-HSK5 classed chinesepod lessons twice (but never heard the audio fix - though I guess I should have as I still miss many words even though I can understand the meaning of all upper intermediate lessons - and a few months ago decided to start with the difficult lessons). Usually I just listen to Chinesepod while doing sports or driving by car/train.

Great sources:
My second source for learning - and I feel especially in the beginning this was great - is - however I watched most remotely interesting C-Drama there - and need some new material.

Great but much more limited in content - but super effective - foreign youtubers in China - my list:
from intermediate level - with english subs:
Afu Thomas:
PKU Lila:

Tv Shows with foreigners - no english subs - you should be starting with advanced lessons on chinesepod already before you go for them:

Not good:
XiaoHongShu - way too little conversation. Hard to find good people to listen to. Maybe I should invest more time
Most drama on bilibili - Problem is that the subs are usually so badly translated / computer generated it is frustrating.
Any direct competitors to chinesepod - like chinese101 or others - way too little content and not good for listening passively.

My problem - I’m still not comfortable with watching chinese drama or movies without subtitles - if I concentrate hard I can understand something - but usually drift off after some time due to being lost.
So I need some more material like the above that is easy to consume.
Any tips for other foreign youtubers with very good chinese level that prefeably have subs so enable/disable? I need more material like the above that is good. Anyone here having favorites.

I started learning Chinese long time ago - but never made it further than A1-A2 level (3 years of 2 hours per week chinese class as foreign language at University). Then 3 years ago I discovered chinesepod and and started just consuming Chinese. At some point I really have to attack characters - but didn’t do so yet. I spend maybe 2hours per day consuming chinese content those 3 years - plus living 4.5 month in Taiwan and 5 weeks travelling alone through China.
I can by now communicate fluently for daily life - even on phone quite okay (say ordering food in Chinese, or booking a tour/ticket whithout being afraid) - or able to travel with Chinese people speaking english for a week and maybe only falling back to English for 5% of the time (plus sometimes using English for single vocabs).
Some teachers told me my listening/talking skills are around C1 - between HSK5 and HSK6 - but yeah that seems not enough yet for really ditching subtitles and watching chinese news/drama without them. Goal: get to C2 level and able to communicate also about specific topics like technology, politics and so on - and understand any drama/movie in Puthonghua without problems (not every word - but 95% of the story). I want to get to HSK5 reading level - but yeah I know that means sitting down and starting to learn - likely with ANKI. Cannot commit yet to it. I had initially hoped to get to C1 quicker - and then being able to learn to read by looking at chinese subs on drama - but I think that will not work. Or would take ages. That will be good to continue once reaching HSK5 level on reading.
I will move back to Taiwan for winter if they drop the quarantine - cannot be bothered right now.
Taking Chinese group classes doesn’t work. At NTNU they told me I would fall into their highest or second highest level on talking - but cannot read so no way… I could take private classes but then it’s easy to find chinese friends when living in China/Taiwan so thought that is easier.

Oh yeah - in Taiwan for finding friends and speaking chinese - use “eatgether” app. That is crazy effective - way better than language exchange as you don’t lose half of the time doing conversation in English. I have not heard of an equivalent in mainland China.