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Can 什么 (shénme) and 吗 (ma) be used in the same sentence?

A language CD had what sounds like:

xiǎojiě, nǐ yào hē diǎnr shénme ma?

The translation is : “Miss, would you like to drink anything?”

Why would 吗 be at the end, if you already have 什么 doesn’t that already show that it is a question?
Unless 什么 can also mean “something” instead of only “what”. In which case
小姐你要喝点什么 could mean “Miss , you want to drink something” [statement] and
小姐你要喝点什么吗? turns it into the question, “Miss, do you want something to drink?”

Does that make sense or is the sentence a mistake?

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Yes, you have correctly answered your own question. The two words can only appear in the same sentence when the former means “something” (as in “is there something that you would like to drink”~ma? ) but not when it means “what?”.


Would you like a drink? What would you like to drink?

Yes,they can.And “小姐你要喝点什么”,is also a question. “小姐你要喝点什么”,“小姐你要喝点什么吗?”,they are same.

@nidodo 他说的很对.

这俩问句都是一模一样的. 只要你有上扬的语调, 有"吗"没"吗"都可以, 它就是问句.