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Can't listen to the "full lessons" - why?

I subscribed as a premium member a week ago, but very often can’t listen to the lessons. I am using a MacPro, living in mainland China, but even with VPN there seems to be a problem. Even when I take the test to check my progress, I can’t listen to the 听力 test questions. Can you help please?!

Hello, same problem here with some lessons. Usually I have no problem with the VPN, but when it doesn´t work, the only “solution” that I found is to use the phone app. With it you can listen to the full lesson without any problem.

Same here. Are the ChinesePod servers really slow? I can watch a sports event on live stream no problem but if I try and listen to a lesson it stops every second.

Are you also based in the Mainland?

I am, but even when I use VPN it is usually slow. Stops and starts throughout the whole lesson. But I just started a lesson today and it seems fine…so, who knows.