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Changes on HSK playlist?

Hello there,

Hope everybody is doing alright.
I have a quick question for the hosts and the users as well:

Did the Chinesepod edited out lessons on the HSK playlist?
Untill yesterday, the list I’m enrolled in, the HSK3, had more than 100 lessons. However, there’s barely half of it.

Is it just with me or it’s happened with someone else.

And if it changed, could you elaboret why?

Thanks guys.

Hi Aniell,

The lessons there are less now because that we are afraid that some users might think that learning through all of these lessons is such a heavy load. But, don’t worry, we’re going to have two versions of HSK playlist. One is an easier one with 30 or so lessons; while the other one is a tough one with more than 100 lessons. The list you need will come back soon.

Hi Betty,

Did you put the longer playlists back online? I was working through the lessons one by one using the older and longer playlists so it would be really helpful if all of them would be back like before.

Many thanks,

Hi Mehdi,

It will be back and be more organized soon. Sorry for this inconvenience.