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Characters Explained


Suggested Difficulty (Elementary etc): Newbie,Elementry
Video or Audio: video
Lesson Idea: Hi @Constance_Fang and Team,

Perhaps you could start a series, probably a long running one, on the characters. I have been studying Chinese for going on ten years, subscribed to Chinesepod for the first time in about 2008… And find it difficult to remember how to write out a certain character, sometimes its a very common character like de得. I am thinking if I knew the story of the character…I might be able to remember them better.



Have a look at Chineasy they have developped a method to describe chinese characters with images.

Hope that helps!


What trips me up is when they look really similar and sound similar, like 耀 and 曜.
But whatever, you make mistakes. The more you read and write the better you get, common knowledge.