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Chinese names for characters

Hi ChinesePod team, my question is this:
I’m new to learning Chinese. I’m making characters for a fantasy story I’m writing. Because I love the Chinese language I want to use Chinese names. I think they sound so nice.
I would just like to know if these names sound okay. I’m sorry if they sound weird. I am not Chinese so I have no idea, please help me. All the names are for males by the way. Still coming up with female characters.
雪莲 Xue Lian
刘巨龙 Liu Ju-Long or just 刘龙 Liu Long
芳静 Fang Jing
力秀英 Li XiuYing
李文昌 Li Wenchang

I don’t know if the names even make sense. Please help me. If you have any ideas for names please tell me.


It’s so inspiring that you are writing a fantasy story in Chinese! Could you tell us what it is about?
The names that you came up with all sound natural, and that’s really impressive! Although I do have a few suggestions about them.
I understand that all the names are all intended to be for male characters, but to me, 雪莲, 芳静, and 力秀英 sound more like female names. This is because characters with the grass radical (艹) are usually used in feminine names. Perhaps you could save them for the women names in the story. Also, although 雪 and 芳 could be last names, they are not that common. I suggest that you add the last names to them. If you are not sure which last names sound natural, you can refer to 百家姓 (the most common 100 Chinese last names):

As for 刘巨龙 Liu Ju-Long or 刘龙 Liu Long, I personally prefer the latter one because 巨龙 literally means a huge dragon and it is a little bit strange.

To me, the names sound like something you hear in a Wuxia fantasy novel. Keep in mind that names can represent a lot about a person and it is the first impression on the character of the readers, so this is where you can choose the words that carry certain levels of symbolism. If you could share more details about the story and the characters, I might be able to offer more specific advice!

Hope this helps for now:)

Thank you so much,
The novel I’m writing is actually a xianxia. Some of the names were actually intended to sound feminine because the boys in my story have quite feminine characteristics. Also thank you, your reply helps me a lot. I’m not very good with Chinese names and your response is very useful. I did also think huge dragon sounded a bit strange and was leaning more towards the other option, it also sounds better to me. I was also trying to make the meaning of the names match my characters as well. Thank you so much for your reply. I hope you have a great day!