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Chinese Songs I'm Listening To


Hey ladies and gents,

Wanted to share an artist that Iona recommend me last weekend. Been listening to his song since.


They are quite slow paced and he sings the lyrics very clearly so I think it would be great for learners.

He is on spotify. That’s how I’m listening to his songs at the moment.




This song is really heartfelt too.


Nice, they’re both really good, I like the first one more tho.

Here’s someone I’ve been listening to for a while, he does a lot of cover songs and interpretations of English songs into Mandarin. But he’s got skill. More popish but still fun to listen to.


Song dong ye in pinyin? Is that right?



haunting, moving, sad, nostalgic…and surprisingly hard to sing at KTV.


Wish this topic had more to it! Here’s my contribution: Dunno if people still listen to these guys, but anyone who was living in Beijing between 2005 and 2010 would probably have heard of Carsick Cars. Simple songs, but pretty powerful IMHO.

万晓利 also has extremely good music with clear and interesting lyrics.

Both can be found on youtube and spotify!