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Chinese text book


Could you please recommend me about a good Chinese textbook, for elementary students?

Thanks a lot!


As an experienced Chinese teacher and teacher trainer, I can say, there is no better material than ChinesePod for elementary level (especially for the pronunciation) . But, if you want to find a textbook to learn accurate grammar, I recommend 當代中文課程, edited by Pr. Teng Shouhsin(鄧守信)and his group.

Frederic (Xu Laoshi)


Hi Frederic,
I absolutely agree there is nothing like CHINESEPOD!:heart_eyes:
I just need some help with the grammar, so thanks a lot for your recommendation - I’ll check it out! :slight_smile:



Try the 汉语口语 series. Available on Amazon.


Chinesepod is great for on the go, and for just having something fresh to study on a constant basis, without having to create your own studying plan. That being said, I am like you, where I still enjoy leafing through a physical book here and there. From my experience, the most common textbook for elementary grammar is this book called “Modern mandarin chinese grammar - a practical guide” by Claudia ross and Jing Heng Sheng Ma. This book is good for basic sentence structure and things of that nature. Its pretty thick and thorough, pause. Truth be told I find it quite boring though, but its cool to have anyways. Theres plenty of sentence structures, pinyin, simplified characters and traditional. There is also a workbook for this series that I have no experience with so you can google on the net for reviews of that swell if thats your thing…

Now, hands down I will tell you my favorite textbook I have come across. It is more of an intermediate book but is very good and reasonably priced. It is called “Common Chinese Patterns 華語常用句型與結構 330” this book is traditional characters only but I think they have a simplified version. Like the title says it has 330 common patterns and for each pattern theres 10 example sentences and a few exercises. I don’t do exercises cause Im lazy, but I just try to remember a structure every now and then. People like to make mandarin seem easy by saying “hey theres no grammar!” or “the grammar is very identical to english” which is only half true. There are many ways mandarin speakers phrase things that even if you know all the characters and the grammar just won’t make sense. So please take a look at this book.

And like everyone else said, use chinesepod. I learned some of the best stuff here on this site. You will learn the type of things here that native speakers will be shocked when you use. Trust me.

加 to the 油



Thanks a lot! I’ll check it :smiley:


Thanks a lot for your reach answer! It’s really helpful!! :grinning:
I’m surely going to check out these books.



There are two books that I found useful while studying Mandarin. They are both by the author Yong Ho with the first book titled Beginners Chinese and the second titled Intermediate Chinese. They can be found on Amazon for a reasonable price.


I got that Yong Ho intermediate book too. I found it to not really be intermediate and more elementary. Also there’s numerous errors in the book and the audio is sub par. They got me in barnes and noble cause it was wrapped in plastic and the cover looked nice…haha…


I heard the “Chinese Breeze” series of books are good.
Here’s a link about the HSK tests and good review books…

I hope this helps.