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Chinese TV programmes suitable for Elementary Level Learner



I want to immerse myself more with Chinese without having to move off the sofa or concentrate a serious amount of time on listening.

I like watching TV and it is relaxing, sometimes it stops me in learning Chinese!

So, if I can put watching TV together with watching TV in Chinese - then problem solved!

Yet - a lot of Chinese programmes are too difficult to understand, not relevant, or crap.

Can anyone suggest like a series of Chinese TV programmes that I would get the general gist and start building up my understanding on natural Chinese spoken (Elementary Level)?



I think that most TV programmes are too difficult to follow for elementary level learners, you need to have at least an upper intermediate level. Anyway here is a list of programmes that you can watch in replay on your computer. Replay has the advantage that you can pause to have enough time to read the subtittles or review several times some parts.


some programmes have english subtittles.
Hope that helps!


If you don’t mind children’s programming, I recommend Mandarin Peppa Pig. I also use a radio app on my phone called 蜻蜓 which has anything you can imagine (including children’s stories).


I like to watch 世界青年说 and think it is very helpful


Boonie Bears! 熊出没 It’s a kids show but is actually sometimes funny. Better than other Chinese cartoons. 光头强 makes me laugh.


do you have other chanel? I’m looking for running man…