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Chinese word games?

English has scrabble and crossword puzzles and and a whole genre of word games for your phone. Does Chinese have any similar games using characters?

The only word game I can think of is this one that involves 對聯 , I forgot what it’s called , I think those characters have more to do with the couplets on people’s doors. But anyways, so the game involves someone saying half of a couplet and the other people try to find some characters that would match. This game requires a extremely high level of character knowledge and tones though, definitely much more difficult than scrabble and not suitable for anyone less than advanced level. Only word game I can think of at the moment.

Ok so I looked in the App Store and there are some scrabbleish type games. If you search 填字遊戲 you find a bunch pop up. I downloaded a few and they are extremely hard. One had a hint that had something to do with a k pop singer. Way beyond me.


第12任南非總統 ?
Sorry, these are more of a crossword puzzle than scrabble

I don’t even know who the 12th appointed South African president is in English lmao

I think Chinese crossword puzzles would be fun, though it’d have to exclude proper names for me to have any hope. Probably chengyu as well. Not sure what that leaves :wink:

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Hahaha! :slight_smile: Yeah… we’ll have to improve our Chinese dramatically to figure those puzzles out.