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Chinesepod app, Anrdoid, move downloads to micro SD?


My smartphone (OnePlus X) internal storage is limited but I have an additional micro SD card inside.

Unfortunately in ChinesePod app, Settings > Manage Downloads : the downloads path is not adjustable (Internal storage\Podcasts\ChinesePod).

Am i missing something or will it come in a future version of the app?

I tried also from Android settings itself : apps > ChinesePod (moving app and storage) but it moves everything except unfortunately all the downloaded lessons in Internal storage\Podcasts\ChinesePod.


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Hey @944358223,

My name’s Hunter, I’m the dev for the Android app.

You’re right, the storage location for the lesson mp3 files isn’t adjustable at the moment.
However, the thought behind having the sub-toolbar which displays the folder path in the Settings > Manage downloads screen was to eventually allow for the user to edit that location. This hasn’t been implemented yet simply due to the fact that we had additions which we felt were more pressing.

But, it’s no doubt still on the to-do list. We’ve had a few people requesting this feature lately so it should be coming sooner rather than later.

I’m the meantime, I’m sorry this is cramping up your internal storage! I completely understand the need.

Thanks for jumping on the forum and taking the time to post this! The feedback really helps plan and prioritize.



Thanks Robbert! It’s very useful when commuting or traveling as we can have more lessons choice with us on the go. Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

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Hi there !
When can we change the download path ?:wink:

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