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Chinesepod app not appearing in Google Play Store

I’m a new subscriber in Australia. I can’t find the app in the Google Play store. I’ve tried searching, and also tried clicking the link on the website, but get a “URL not found” message. Is the app still available for installation?

Hello Mary,

We have temporarily taken down the ChinesePod App in Google Play store for maintenance reasons. You can still find the App in the iOS system, but the Android App is unavailable right now. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, and we’ll update you as soon as possible when we have a schedule to put it up again.


Hello, so I’ve paid for the app on an android phone and it worked for a couple of days, but now it does not. I did try reinstalling it but it won’t open. Any word on when this will be working? thank you.


Unfortunately the Android ChinesePod App is not available right now for maintenance reasons, but the iOS version is still available. May I suggest that you use the new dashboard on your phone browser in the meantime? It is very convenient and easy to use.
We apologize for the inconvenience and we will definitely let you know when we have a more specific timeline.


Thanks for the reply, I will certainly do that in the meantime.

luckily i own as iOS, yet my friend with Android asked same question Superdrol review. is there an approximate date when is going to be released?


I’m sorry but we don’t have the approximate timeline right now. In the meantime, please consider using the web version of the new dashboard on your mobile device as an alternative. Please forward my recommendation to your friend if that’s possible.


Hello, any news about the release date?

Hi Lola,

I’m sorry but we really don’t have a timeline right now and we probably won’t have it in the short run. In the meantime, please use the website on your phone. It works really well and it would feel like you’re just using another App!


@BeccaChu as a new premium customer I’m quite disappointed.

I’d at least expect an android to listen to the podcasts.
Can you offer an alternative (apk?)? Or at least a timeline of when it will go back to the store?


Hello Eric,

I understand your disappointment, but I’m sorry, we really do not have a confirmed timeline yet. I strongly recommend you to use the web version in the meantime. As you can see, the web version on the Android phone works really well, and you get to enjoy all the same features on the website in your phones, such as the flashcard function, comment section, exercise tab, and so much more!


As for your question on apk, @ugis, do we have an alternative apk that we can offer?


I came back to site seeing if maybe finally subscribe after informal learning in my own. Unfortunately I too opened the app I had installed sometime ago, didn’t work Uninstalled and then found out the app no longer exists. I come to site and see the app seems to be discontinued or for some reason unavailable for several months.

Can’t subscribe now. Can’t understand the logic of leaving 80% of phone users without access to the app.


I understand that you would like to use the Android App for your studies, but the App lacks many useful features and functions that are available on the website, and without them, you’re not getting everything that we have to offer! Tabs including exercise, comments, and features like character stroke animation can improve your understanding of the lessons tremendously, and they are only on the website. Lack of valuable features like these was also one of the reasons that we decided to take it down and we’re working to make a better version.

I hope you can use the website version on your phone in the meantime, it is very easy and convenient to use. If we have any update plans about when to put it up again, we’ll definitely let you know. Thank you for your feedback.


ok, thanks trying that

Regrettable that it was taken down without warning. Might the same thing happen to the iOS app? On a related note, is ChinesePod discontinuing podcasting? (RSS feed for lessons)

Re: “Lack of valuable features like these was also one of the reasons that we decided to take it down” : what were the other reasons?
and " . . . .and we’re working to make a better version" that’s exactly what Chinese Pod said when it took down the Skritter writing practice function from the lesson pages a couple years back. How’s that coming?

Still no answer to my previous question about the future of the iOS app and continuing any support for RSS. Since the latter is not in the new dashboard and and the app has not been updated in a long time I fear they would all meet the fate of the other features gradually getting killed off.

Hi Podster,

Sorry for the late reply. As per your questions, the other reason is that there are issues and bugs with the Android App and although the main goal would be to provide you with a better version currently we are not sure about the timeline of the new release. The RSS feed is not available on the new dashboard and we don’t plan on continuing it. The iOS App on the other hand, as far as I know we don’t have plans to take it down. I’ll check with our CTO to give you a more detailed answer on the new developments of your interest.


Hi Podster,

After a further discussion with our CTO, I have one correction to make in my last reply to you. We do have a RSS feed which is different from the one on the old dashboard. Here’s the link:
I apologize for the confusion and hopefully this answers your questions about RSS feed.


Thanks for that. Glad they are keeping the podcasting in ChinesePod
老 Podster