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ChinesePod boosted my HSK 6 score

Thank you ChinesePod! In March 2018, I scored lower on the HSK 6 than I wanted. I determined to spend 2 years on Advanced ChinesePod lessons to boost my listening and reading vocabulary.

It worked. I just got my latest score, and my reading went from 73 to 85, and my listening surpassed my goal: from 77 to 92!

Unfortunately, I bombed the writing section, so that’s what I’ll have to focus on next.

Hi Elijah,

thrilled to read of your success! It seems that hard work does pay off, and it’s so great to hear that ChinesePod lessons helped you landing the score you wanted.

Good luck with your plans for acing the writing section. I hope our new lessons will be able to help you there again and otherwise it’s practice practice practice, as for all of us.

PS: do you think that the Advanced lessons on ChinesePod have specifically helped you more on improving your listening and reading skills, or is that where your personal strength lies. It would be interesting to hear your take on the effectiveness of our lessons in that regard.


Hi SusieLei!

Here’s my quick answer: I’ve written a blog post on my most recent HSK 6 experience, including why my writing score was so low.

Wow! Thanks for sharing! That’s awesome!!! It’s really helpful for our students!

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Mmh, that sounds to me as if you needed more repetitions for the 成语 you wanted to use. But if you remembered them while reading and have trouble writing it down afterwards it could also simply be that you are giving yourself some pressure during the task.

However, I don’t want to be one of those online psychologists, so I’ll just congratulate you again on your incredible score and hope you’ll find some way to tackle that writing score. Keep us updated about your journey!

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