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ChinesePod dialogue list for HSK 5

Hello everyone,

I previously constructed a list of dialogues for HSK 1-3, which now appear as playlists on the ChinesePod website itself, as well as a list of dialogues for HSK 4. I am now working towards HSK 5 and therefore I of course constructed a list for HSK 5. It is available from

For Pleco users I also constructed a Pleco flashcard file with the vocabulary of these dialogues.

Hope this is useful to some of you!



Thanks Edsko! Still need to make through the other playlists to get to this level :slight_smile:


You’re welcome :slight_smile: And don’t worry, 好好学习,天天向上 :slight_smile:


I recently saw your HSK 1 - 3 work and the new ones. I have to say: amazing work! It helps a lot. Thank you very much!

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Glad it’s helpful! :slight_smile:

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Wow thank you so much!! Beyond helpful.

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