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ChinesePod dialogue list for HSK 5


Hello everyone,

I previously constructed a list of dialogues for HSK 1-3, which now appear as playlists on the ChinesePod website itself, as well as a list of dialogues for HSK 4. I am now working towards HSK 5 and therefore I of course constructed a list for HSK 5. It is available from

For Pleco users I also constructed a Pleco flashcard file with the vocabulary of these dialogues.

Hope this is useful to some of you!


ChinesePod dialogues for HSK 4

Thanks Edsko! Still need to make through the other playlists to get to this level :slight_smile:


You’re welcome :slight_smile: And don’t worry, 好好学习,天天向上 :slight_smile:


I recently saw your HSK 1 - 3 work and the new ones. I have to say: amazing work! It helps a lot. Thank you very much!


Glad it’s helpful! :slight_smile:


Wow thank you so much!! Beyond helpful.