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ChinesePod dialogues for HSK 4

Hi guys,

I previously created a list of ChinesePod dialogues for HSK levels 1, 2 and 3; I’ve now finally finished the list of ChinesePod dialogues for HSK 4:

Sadly, it doesn’t cover quite as large as percentage of HSK4 as I managed to cover for HSK 1-3, but of course HSK 4 has significantly more vocabulary than the previous levels, and the more vocabulary to cover the more difficult. I’m guessing it won’t be possible to construct a list for HSK 5 or HSK 6 (I’m quite a way of from HSK 5 yet anyway :slightly_smiling: It covers just over 400 words (out of 600).

More detailed information about the list can be found in the blog post (as well as a Pleco flashcard file).

Hope this might be useful to some people,



Discussion about the lists for HSK 1, 2 and 3 can be found at ChinesePod dialogues per HSK level (HSK 1, 2 and 3).

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Brilliant! Thanks so much!

Added an addendum to increase the coverage using dialogues covering only one HSK 4 word per dialogue.

Since is down at the moment, on request here’s the list again:

HSK 4 (67% coverage, 112 dialogues, 37% relevancy)

Addendum: Additional Dialogues (78% coverage, 61 dialogues, 30% relevancy)

The list above does not pick any dialogues that cover less than 2 HSK-4 words per dialogue. The list below consists of 61 additional dialogues, covering one HSK 4 word per dialogue, bringing the total coverage of HSK-4 up to 78%.

This is a really amazing list .When I first saw your title for the HSK 1,2,3, I didn’t expect that you had put all of this effort. It’s a really useful tool that you’ve put together, and I hope that ChinesePod takes note of it as they continue to design their lessons.

Nevertheless, as a side note, it is good that the dialogues don’t have 100% relevancy to the HSK. The HSK lists are good, but I feel they need to be supplemented with other relevant vocab. It seems that the HSK lists have a certain amount of words, but for you to be able to learn those words, you are expected to know other relevant words. There are some words that are not in HSK 1-6, but it’s almost not possible for you to get HSK6 without knowing that word. Therefore, I think Chinesepod’s approach is excellent, but I hope that they try to use your lists as a guide in the hope of using the remaining HSK words in upcoming dialogues. This would be really good.

Thanks, and well done!!!

Thanks, I’m glad you found them to be useful! The ChinesePod good folks have taken note actually and I’ve been in touch with them regarding these lists; I don’t know what the latest status on that is though.

As regards not focusing exclusively on HSK vocabulary: sure, I absolutely agree. But when you are preparing to take one of the HSK exams, an exam specific focus is useful :slight_smile:


Oh, oops. Revealing how long I have not used ChinesePod now :flushed: The HSK1, 2 and 3 are available as ChinesePod courses/playlists

The HSK4 playlist is not but it admittedly also provides less coverage, unfortunately.

Anyway, I’m going back to China for a month soon; after that I will start preparing for HSK5 in earnest so I guess I need to think about what kind of playlist would be useful for that. Certainly trying to cover all of the HSK5 vocab is not going to happen; but could at least filter the existing dialogues to include as much HSK5 material as possible. Watch this space :slight_smile:

Hi Edsko,
Glad to see you’ll be doing an HSK 5 list. As your previous HSK lists were so useful, I’m really looking forward to that!

I find the combined learning of the HSK word lists and seeing them used in the ChinesePod lessons a great way to anchor that vocabulary and to see how to put that hard-earned vocab to use, which passing the HSK exams doesn’t really teach you. Got my HSK 4 in June and now revising through the Intermediate lessons

I’ll be watching this space for the HSK 5 list!


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Hi Katherine,

The list for HSK 5 is now available :slight_smile: See ChinesePod dialogue list for HSK 5 for the announcement :slight_smile:

Hope it will be useful to you!


Hi Edsko, we’ll work on setting up both HSK 4 and HSK 5 playlists now :slight_smile:


I took the HSK 4 exam last June and by that time I had already studied 20% or so of the HSK5 vocabulary but was having trouble with retention in the absence of contextual examples. Since then, I have been just been consolidating my HSK 1-4 vocabulary (which has been very useful) and attending classes with a traditional text book, but with no real memory work on new vocabulary.

The HSK exams are mostly about acquiring vocab, an essential part of language learning but it’s useless on its own. So your new list of ChinesePod-HSK5 lessons is such a valuable tool.

Great work and thanks a lot!

This is fantastic! The way your software grouped these lessons together makes for a much smoother progression for language learners. I’d recommend any user on this site use these if they’re finding the levels assigned by ChinesePod are a bit confusing :slight_smile:

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